I am a father, reader, writer, researcher, occasional website designer and administrator, and all-around geek. I am also a musician who plays the guitar and the bass; I have played in/with local bands and as a studio musician for other artists. I am an avid and voracious reader, speak several languages, have worked as an information consultant on topics including culture, language, religion and computers, and spent several years running a small business in North Africa. I currently work as a technical writer for Red Hat, Inc.

This is where I write about stuff that a friend or acquaintance might find interesting; kind of like a Twitter feed, but with more than 140 characters per post. I also like to review books that publishers send me, and occasionally some that I buy; let me know if you have any suggestions.

You can email me at matthew AT matthewhelmke DOT com with any comments or questions.

You can find me on Facebook (but I only accept friend requests there from people I know). You can also find me occasionally hanging out on Google+ and Twitter and I interact publicly on both. You will even find me on LinkedIn and on Amazon.com.