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The Insider’s Guide to Technical Writing, 2nd Edition

It was ten years ago that I read and reviewed the first edition of this book. At that time I said, “The book is a resounding success. Everything I love is in here. Everything I do (including those bits I don’t love quite so much) is in here. The book is not only written clearly, but with a style that is enjoyable to read. Examples are interesting and ring true to life. If you have ever wondered whether you might want to become a technical writer, wondered what a technical writer does, or you are a technical writer who knows there are gaps in your knowledge, buy and read this book.”

Over the past decade, the job has evolved and this wonderful book needed an update. The new edition came out recently and everything I wanted to see updated or added has been. The outdated content has been removed.

My career has led me on a path where I don’t have as much time to review books anymore, but I had to come out of semi-retirement for this one. My high praise for the first edition remains true and the new edition adds some extra polish that could not have been anticipated back in 2012. Kudos to author, Krista Van Laan, and to XML Press for a job well done!