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Linux Distro for Kids?

Short, informal survey. Feel free to comment here or via private messages/email. I may not respond to all comments, but will read with appreciation any you make.

What is your favorite Linux distribution that is intended for use by kids, say anywhere between the ages of 8 and 18? If you have more than one, feel free to name each.

Why do you like it?

If your preference for kids is a standard distro and not one intended for that audience, which is it and why?


  1. I’m rather fond of Qimo 4 Kids. I’ve used it on a netbook for my five year old niece. She loves the educational games, which come in a wide range of ages. The only issue I have with it is the slow update cycle. It’s based on Ubuntu.

  2. matthew

    Thank you!

  3. We make a pretty decent one, we call it Ubuntu!

  4. matthew

    I agree. It is what my kids use on the computers I administer (at school they use Chromebooks).

  5. Athelinde

    I generally take Edubuntu and add the Qimo4kids packages, and add some games myself, then customize the interface to focus on their favourites. Though I use my setup generally for the 3-7 age range (of course aging each year).

  6. matthew

    Thank you!

  7. Pavel

    For kids: Doudoulinux, Qimo, Kiddix
    For teenagers: Edubuntu, skolelinux, Ubermix, Uberstudent, Zorin OS (educational respin)

  8. matthew

    Thank you!

  9. pat domack

    tried edubuntu, but it never took hold.
    currently they just run normal ubuntu, but they have to use terminal and cli to run all their games, as we removed them from the menu.
    ages 5 through 9 now.

  10. matthew

    Thank you!

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