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Ubuntu Planet Feed Changed

For years the main feed for my blog has been posted to Ubuntu Planet. Early on, most of my posts were strictly Ubuntu-related. That hasn’t been true for a long time. I changed my feed today in the Ubuntu Planet configuration and starting from whenever the cron job on that server reads the new config file, only posts with a specific tag should appear on the feed.

Everything that has appeared on Planet Ubuntu is also tagged, so I can keep track. I hope this doesn’t cause a huge posting flood when the new config is read…if so, apologies in advance.

Let me know in the comments if you are interested in things like my computer book reviews continuing to appear in the feed.


  1. John Smith

    I really enjoy your computer reviews. They’re very interesting and I think they’re nicely fit for Planet Ubuntu. =)

  2. John Smith

    I meant “computer book reviews”.

  3. Benjamin Kerensa

    I like a window into the lives of Ubuntu Members as such I like your non-Ubuntu posts 🙂

  4. matthew

    Thanks, guys.

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