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Beautiful LEGO

This review will be short, but that is because the book is an easy sell. Usually a book sits on my desk for a week or two (or six) before I have time to read and review it. This one arrived today. I opened the envelope and was engrossed. Thankfully, I didn’t have anything else to do for a while.

Beautiful LEGO is a stunning coffee table book filled with astounding images of amazing things created with LEGO. This isn’t a “how-to” book, this is an inspirational book and a conversation piece. Here are some examples.

If you like these, buy the book. Honestly, as neat as they are, these aren’t even the best examples or images. There are pages in here that are completely mind blowing. My kids will have a hard time getting this one away from me.

The book will be released October 7, 2013, but it is possible to preorder, and this is one that I think would be perfect as a Holiday gift.

Disclosure: I was given my copy of this book by the publisher as a review copy. See also: Are All Book Reviews Positive?