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Stepping Down from the Ubuntu Forums Council

My Ubuntu Forum Council term expired yesterday, but seeing as it was April Fool’s Day, I didn’t bother posting until today.

I have been a part of the Ubuntu Forums since April 2005 and on staff since March 2006. Since December 2006 I have been a member of the Forums Council and for the last year I have been council chairman. I have thoroughly enjoyed serving in all of these roles. I have become increasingly busy with real life responsibilities, and since my term has expired, I have chosen to allow others to take on the privileges and responsibilities of leadership. I’m still a staff member, but expect to be much less active.

I’ll still be around the forums, and certainly the wider Ubuntu community, but not in the same capacity. I have been an official Ubuntu member since August 2006 and intend to remain one and have been privileged to serve the wider community in other ways as well over the years. Best wishes to the Ubuntu Forums Council for continued growth and service to the community, and thanks to all for the trust placed in me over the past several years.


  1. jorge

    Thanks for your contributions to the council and ubuntu so far!

  2. matthew

    Thanks, Jorge. 🙂

  3. lisati

    Another vote of thanks for your contributions: past, present and future.

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