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The Official Ubuntu Book, fifth edition released today

This is the fifth edition of a wonderful book about an excellent computer operating system, Ubuntu. The Barnes and Noble Special Edition (ISBN-13: 978-0137081318) has an extra chapter about Ubuntu One and a DVD with screen cast desktop lessons by me (will come out 30 July 2010…the B&N page will be updated soon…).

For this edition, I had the privilege of rewriting chapters 3 and 4, revising chapters 1-2, 7, 10-11 and the appendices, and wrote the new bonus chapter for the Special Edition. I also provided assistance checking the full manuscript, including the final proof, against the final release version of the software covered and was the lead contact during the copy edit, index, and final proof and author query stages.

Link to the page for the book.


  1. Dante

    Hey there.

    I preordered this book on, but I’ve been told they don’t know exactly when it’s “going to be released”. I don’t suppose you know anything at all?


  2. I have a copy that I received from the publisher just last week, so Amazon should have copies in stock any day. I don’t think you will need to wait long at all.

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