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Ubuntu Developers’ Summit – Maverick Meercat

I’m sitting in one of the first sessions of Ubuntu UDS for the upcoming 10.10 release listening to Mark Shuttleworth speak about the philosophy and future of the distribution. This is going to be an amazing release with a ton of new development and goodies. Since 10.04 LTS was just released and is a Long Term Support release, the focus was to release a version that could be supported for a long time and which had more of a focus on software options and sources that will be stable and consistent for two years. The focus on 10.10 will be innovation of a new foundation on which to build in preparation for the next LTS in 2010. More to come.

If you want to join in on a session, you may do so remotely and your participation is welcome.


  1. Adnan Hodzic

    Are videos being recorded as they are on DebConf’s?

    Since I’d definitely like to take look to some of them 🙂

  2. Yes, information will be posted here when the videos are ready

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