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Modifying the Ubuntu Release Schedule

Yes, we can! Robbie Williamson, Engineering Manager at Canonical and an influential voice in Ubuntu’s release schedule, responded on his blog to Mark Shuttleworth’s call to see if we could release 10.10 on 10/10/10 (which, if thought of as the binary number 101010 would equal 42, every geek’s favorite number). Take a look.


  1. Aoirthoir An Broc

    Um no. 42 is not our favorite number. Our favorite number is whatever Aoirthoir comes to mathematically.

    10/10/10 sounds like a publicity stunt. Which of course means I love it.

  2. tony

    C’mon Matthew, give the proving teams a break. 10.10.10 is a super publicity idea but cut your cloth………adjust the changes to the build to give the beta testers sufficient time to do a proper/full workup! Look how close 10.04 came to being deferred due to last minute bugs!
    If we are aiming at mainstream, it’s just gotta work!
    Ubuntu rocks!

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