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Why Ubuntu server installations will surge in 2010

An article today on the ITWorld website discusses the myriad reasons to expect Ubuntu to continue its growth, not only on the desktop, but in the server market. They interviewed my friend and coauthor, Ryan Troy, who is quoted heavily in the article.

Some of the reasons include licensing, ease of use, low cost, and regular updates.


  1. Nothing really substantive in that article. The bigger news is that Ubuntu Server was already poised to take the lead way back in 2009, and by some measurements was already there. Please see: “A Survey of Ubuntu Server in the Enterprise Presentation.pdf”

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  2. Christoph

    Too bad that the article gets some numbers wrong. They say 9.04 is the LTS, when it’s 8.04. And who refers to it as Ubuntu 9?

    This was mentioned in the article comments though.

  3. Juan Martinez

    I am sure Ubuntu will rise even more, I am using linpais ubuntu and would love to see if it would fit on a tablet such as the touch book of always innovating. In that case I would be fine for years..!

  4. jwalk

    2010 – The Year of the Linux Server!!!!!1

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