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Interviewed for Ubuntu UK Podcast

My friends at Ubuntu UK Podcast posted the most recent episode of season two on their site today. I was privileged to be interviewed by Alan Pope about my travels, writing books, and the Ubuntu Forums. Several friends get a mention including Benjamin “Mako” Hill and Ryan Troy. I did make one error in the interview. The Ubuntu Forums do not have about 850,000 users, we have more than 973,000 forum members!

The interview appears in this podcast episode starting at about 36:45 and ends near 55:41.


  1. Alan Pope


    nope, can’t..

    It’s not our last episode of the season…etc

  2. It’s not the final episode (despite the title), we’ve got one more episode this season. Thanks for a great interview though!

  3. Thank you for being our guest and for your kind words, I would like to point out that it’s not *quite* our end of season episode.. One more to go!

    Thanks again.

  4. Sorry about that, gentlemen. Thank you for the correction. I’ll edit the post.

  5. Fixed it…it might have been too late to get the corrected text to show in syndication on the Planet, though. Again, my apologies.

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