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I’m at the Ubuntu Developers’ Summit (UDS). I like how Popey introduces the event, so I won’t bother doing more in this post than linking to his blog, quoting a bit of his post, and then heading out of my hotel room to hang out with people. As with him, Canonical is also sponsoring my attendance.

My friends sometimes ask me what happens at UDS, so I thought I’d write a little summary each day of what’s happened. I’ll try to keep it fairly short, although I appear to have failed so far with this particular post.

Firstly I guess I should explain what UDS is to those who don’t know. Every 6 months the Ubuntu project puts out a new release. We just released Ubuntu 9.10 (code name Karmic Koala) and the next release is due in April next year. It’ll be called Ubuntu 10.04 (code name Lucid Lynx). UDS is the Ubuntu Developer Summit where a couple of hundred people get together and work on plans for what will be in the next release. Some of that is already known, but much of it gets blueprinted in this week.

There is a publicly accessible schedule outlining what specifications will be discussed where and when. There are separate colour coded ‘tracks’ to follow, and I’ll probably spend most of my time in the Community one although others do look interesting too. It’s always a tricky thing to pick and choose which sessions to go to, and so I always miss out on something. I’d rather it was that way than loads of sessions I’m not interested in though!

UDS-L (L for Lucid) takes place from 16th to 20th November 2009 at the Renaissance Hotel, Dallas, Texas. Canonical (who sponsor the Ubuntu project and organise the summit) kindly sponsored my attendance here in Dallas which includes flight, hotel accommodation and food.