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UDS Accents

I had one of my European colleagues say to me last night that he feels like he has picked up many aspects of the American accent while here in Dallas. I have spent a large amount of time with my British, Irish, Australian and other European friends and it seems I have picked up a few of their vocal mannerisms and accent quirks. That’s kind of how community works, isn’t it? We each give to and take from one another, ending up with a conglomeration that is mutually comprehensible and beneficial.


  1. Kevin

    *The* American accent? Believe me, I don’t sound anything like people in Dallas!

  2. pwnguin

    “The” American accent? Oh dear.

  3. Point taken, but in my defense the words “the American accent” were not my own, but were taken from the person speaking to me. I agree that we have a myriad of accents, some of which are almost mutually incomprehensible.

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