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The Official Ubuntu Server Book

I had the privilege of helping out with one chapter in The Official Ubuntu Server Book–I didn’t do enough to earn an author’s credit or get a mention on the cover or anything, but Kyle Rankin was kind enough to mention me in the Acknowledgements on page xxiii. Thanks for the chance to contribute, Kyle and Mako!

Check out the Amazon page for the book. If you run Ubuntu on your server or are considering doing so, you are likely to find the book both interesting and useful.

EDIT: It’s a great read, and would be without my small contribution.


  1. Dave Morley

    It’s a great read too don’t forget that bit 🙂

  2. Oh! How silly of me to forget that. Hey, everyone! It’s a great read, and would be whether I was involved or not!

  3. Andreas Olsson

    Rather like this book. Especially the fact that it just doesn’t staple Howtos, but also teaches best practices, the reasons behind, etc.

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