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An interview with Nathan Grubb

In this series, we have had the privilege of including a number of adults. In today’s installment, we are highlighting one of our younger forum members. Nathan Grubb (forum username: nathangrubb) is also a comparatively new Linux user, having joined the fun just over a year ago. He has a blog that you are invited to check out, and included a couple of screenshots with his interview, in which you will discover he uses wmii, which I have inserted below.

1. Tell as much as you’re willing about your “real” life – name, age, gender, location, family, religion, profession, education, hobbies, etc.

Well, to start out – my name is Nathan Grubb, I am a 15 year old male residing in eastern Washington state (Chewelah, Washington to be specific). I live with my 2 parents and I have 1 sibling. I am a freshman in high school, some of my hobbies include Linux, computers, reading, writing, and badminton.

2. When and how did you become interested in computers? in Linux? in Ubuntu?

I’ve been interested in computers since I was about 7, though back then it was mostly in gaming. My mother used to repair computers, which is likely the reason I became interested (and fluent) in them. I first became intrigued by Linux around July 20th, 2007. It was nice that I could check my email without worry of malware. The first Linux distribution I used was Damn Small Linux, Originally I wanted to download Ubuntu, but I was turned off by the 700 MB download size, which was quite a pain on 256 KiB/s ADSL.

Yeah, it’s blank.

3. When did you become involved in the forums? What’s your role there?

I joined the Ubuntu Forums on August 4th, 2007. At first I was primarily asking support questions, though I was quite interested in the cafe and cafe games for a couple of months. I haven’t given as much Linux support as some members on the forums. Though, if you want to count it as support, I help out at forum feedback and help.

4. Are you an Ubuntu member? If so, how do you contribute? If not, do you plan on becoming one?

I am not currently a Ubuntu member, and I do not have an interest in pursuing membership unless others urge me to. I do not believe I have contributed anything significant to Ubuntu.

5. What distros do you regularly use? What software? What’s your favorite application? Your least favorite?

As of now my distro of choice is Ubuntu. I’d be using Arch if I wasn’t having problems with Kernel panics and segfaults. I use 4 applications on a regular basis: Opera, Konversation, Gajim, and Pidgin. Of the 4, I have to say my favourite is Opera. My least favourite application would have to be gnome-terminal or Evolution. I’ve never actually gotten into using Evolution and have no use for it. I find Gnome-terminal to be slow.

With some apps open.

6. What’s your fondest memory from the forums, or from Ubuntu overall? What’s your worst?

I’d have to say my fondest memory from the forums is the “Finish the story thread” in Cafe games. It is what originally convinced me to stay for the long hall, and I met some of my best (internet) friends through that thread. I’d have to say my worst memory from Ubuntu Forums happened when I narrowly avoided an infraction, though that was within my first month of membership, I believe.

7. What luck have you had introducing new computer users to Ubuntu?

Besides introducing my younger sister to Ubuntu – none, really. I’ve been asked about it twice before, though each time I failed to introduce it onto said person’s desktop. I don’t feel a need to introduce others, though, unless they ask. I’d be a hypocrite if I started imposing on people.

8. What would you like to see happen with Linux in the future? with Ubuntu?

It’d be great if more manufacters made Linux drivers and/or supported Linux. Though I doubt it will happen, I’d approve if Ubuntu changed their release cycle to once every 8 months – it’d give 2 more months of bug testing, stability excersise, etc.

9. If there was one thing you could tell all new Ubuntu users, what would it be?

Linux is not all it’s cut out to be. If you can locate a Local LUG (Linux Users group), please do. Linux is much more pleasant to use for beginners when it is pre-setup for them by experts, as is Windows.


  1. Steve Stalcup

    Great interview!

  2. Joeb454

    Nice interview Nathan 🙂

    I’ve tried wmii before, and while I can appreciate it’s uses, I didn’t really get along with it that well.

  3. Dr Small

    Ah, so my friend nathan was finally interviewed! Hey, I can see my avatar in the Pidgin contacts list, even though you blurred it 😛

    Nice interview, and I hope to read more!

  4. Nice interview.

    I didn’t realize he is that young.

    I wish I had found about Linux when I was that age.

  5. Awesome interview! 😀

  6. forestpixie

    Hey – you’re older than I thought 😀

    Nice interview Master Grubb

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