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Do your own homework

We consistently have people come and ask very detailed questions in the Ubuntu Forums. That is reasonable, since it is an excellent place to get help. Occasionally, it is painfully obvious that the question(s) being asked are taken directly from a homework assignment, or something similar. The forum rules prohibit doing this, and moreso, the members of the community would rather a person actually learn the material they are expected to learn, and are willing to assist with hints or advice on where to look for help, but will almost never give direct answers to homework type questions.

We had a new example of this during this week. Someone was applying for a Linux sysadmin job and had the audacity to post the questionaire he was given by his prospective employer on our forums, asking our members to answer it for him. They didn’t, but the interviewer found the thread, and the job interview officially ended there.

See for yourself.


  1. Before anyone else mentions it, the thought did cross my mind that this could be an elaborate plant and response, with the intent of gaining attention and trying to find knowledgeable people who are also honest. I don’t really think anything that sneaky is going on, though. If it is, it was done well enough, and in an amusing way, and I am okay with it.

  2. That\’s a smart employer right there.


  3. jldugger

    Google search turns up more verbatim hits for that phrase:


    That’s hilarious. I’m sorry I missed that.

  5. nathangrubb

    A bit late to be commenting now, but wow, that’s hilarious. Serves him right

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