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The Official Ubuntu Book, Third Edition, special Barnes & Noble custom edition

This is the third edition of a wonderful book about Ubuntu. The book itself will be for sale from multiple vendors.

The Barnes & Noble Custom Edition contains an extra chapter on the half-million strong Ubuntu Forums written by me. It gives a tour of the forums and its people, processes, and rules for getting assistance with your Ubuntu installation.

The book is slated for release on July 15, 2008. Pre-orders are being accepted on the Barnes & Noble website.

Huge thanks to Mako for allowing me to be a part of the project. I am honored and am thrilled to have my name attached to the book and the Ubuntu community, both in the forums and the greater whole.


  1. Scaler Hu

    good job!

  2. John Kohler

    I looked and looked in the book for hints on configuration of a dial up (ppp) connection, and could not find one.

  3. Dial up has become much less common than it once was. That is the most likely reason for the omission. Hopefully, this official Ubuntu help page will assist you.

    This one has links to other networking setups.

    Finally, if all else fails…

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