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Ubuntu membership, some reminders for those who want to apply

I am a member of one of the boards that considers candidates for official membership in the worldwide Ubuntu community. A person who has made a sustained and real contribution to the Ubuntu community may apply to be an Ubuntu member. It isn’t an incredibly difficult process, but we are pretty strict on following the steps listed.


Because those steps are the only way that we, as the membership board, can accurately and adequately determine whether a candidate’s contributions have been consistent, helpful, and sustained enough for us to feel comfortable giving them the right to make Ubuntu business cards, have an official email address, and live in the world as an official representative of the community.

We are looking for people who are helpful, who are kind and gentle, who are talented and smart, but who are humble and service-oriented. The only way we can discover these qualities is with the help of the candidate him or herself.

So, if you plan to apply, please do so. You are certainly most welcome! When you do, please, please, please do a good job of writing out your contributions on the required wiki page. Find some people who know you and who have witnessed your work and bring them to the public meeting on IRC, during which you will be interviewed, so that they may speak on your behalf, or at least have them type a message on your wiki page.

Doing these things may be difficult for humble people, but this is the equivalent of a job application or resume. Present yourself honestly, clearly, accurately, and at your best. All of us on the membership boards want to approve you. Help us do that.

If you have done everything perfectly, and you don’t yet qualify, we will gladly help you learn what to do so that you may. It is not our goal to exclude people, but rather to help people become a part of something wonderful.


  1. I received an email with a couple of questions that I think are worth adding here.

    1. Where is the Public IRC meeting you mentioned (when where or where the sched is listed)

    There are currently three membership boards as noted on this page, and we meet in the irc channel #ubuntu-meeting on . Each board schedules its own meeting time, which is listed on the specific membership board page.

    More info on the specifics of the irc channel is available here.

    2. and what Wiki URL you referred to where a person documents their accomplishments

    You would create your own page in the Ubuntu wiki. For example, here is mine, but don’t use it as a guide as I have thinned it down considerably. What I have on my page would not be ideal for a membership application, at least not in the amount of detail given.

  2. Tiramisu

    ubuntu is the best OS in my PC

  3. udienz

    many thanks to all Board member, i have been add to member ubuntu.
    but i’m wating to activate my email 😀

  4. fenris

    yeah .. many thanks to all board member too .. im also have been add to be ubuntu members .. like udienz , still waiting to activate my email 🙂

    cheers to all ubuntu community members !!

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