The real reason I use Linux

I admit it. I have given a metric ton of different reasons for why I choose to use Linux. I have made lists. I’ve discussed tons of features. I’ve mentioned freedom.

Earlier this week I found a blog post in which the writer claims the real reason we use Linux is because it is fun. You know what? He’s right, at least as far as probing the real reason I use Linux.

This operating system has brought me back to my childhood, sitting in front of a computer with a flashing cursor just daring me to make it do something. There is very little that can compare or compete with the thrill of figuring out how to make this pile of electronics do something I want it to do, whether it is something practical or silly.

Yeah, it’s stable. It’s secure. It’s free as in freedom. I love all those things. The bottom line for me, though, is simple. It’s fun. I enjoy using it.

Thanks, Linus, for letting us all play along with your little educational toy that grew beyond anyone’s expectations. 🙂

10 thoughts on “The real reason I use Linux

  1. I use Linux and its subsequent challenges to fill the time gap. You know, the one normally used to chase women & have sex. If I used Windows I’d be totally depressed by now.

  2. I too have childhood memories of writing stuff in BASIC on our Colecovision ADAM computer. I felt in control. That feeling was lost for many years until I discovered Linux.
    I second Mr. Fan; don’t forget the thanks to RMS for GNU and possibly more importantly for the GPL, under which so much FOSS is licensed.

  3. Same here – it is just fun to wrestle down the machine. I really love the challenges Linux brings, and feel quite good when I found the solution once more…. A little bit like doing the Rubick’s cube in my younger days…. 🙂

  4. That’s REAL! It’s so much fun to watch an Open Source project take shape. It’s fun to be unchained from a cruel and evil company(microsuck) that wants to control you. It’s fun to know that if something does break you can get all the help you need to fix it, and not pay a dime for that help. Once you get all that help you feel obligated to help someone else and then you feel AWESOME that you freed a friend, family member, etc… from microsuck.

  5. it certainly is true. I really enjoy things I learned the last year, like vim and git (properly).

    But I also discussed this with a friend — when you suddenly have to do real work it’s not necessarily so easy to use Linux, if you haven’t spent all those fun hours installing everything you need. Sometimes you just need to go back and use something you know works.

    Not that it matters to me myself that much, I always play and never work 😉

  6. Hello Matthew. I just wrote a blog about linux from a business perspective, tell me what you think.


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