Ubuntu Developers’ Summit – Maverick Meercat

I’m sitting in one of the first sessions of Ubuntu UDS for the upcoming 10.10 release listening to Mark Shuttleworth speak about the philosophy and future of the distribution. This is going to be an amazing release with a ton of new development and goodies. Since 10.04 LTS was just released and is a Long Term Support release, the focus was to release a version that could be supported for a long time and which had more of a focus on software options and sources that will be stable and consistent for two years. The focus on 10.10 will be innovation of a new foundation on which to build in preparation for the next LTS in 2010. More to come.

If you want to join in on a session, you may do so remotely and your participation is welcome.

Ubuntu Up and Running

I just received my copy of Ubuntu Up and Running. I had the privilege of being one of the tech reviewers, so consider this more of an announcement than a review (as well as an invitation to take a look and see if the book interests you–Robin Nixon is a good writer). It is similar in focus to another book that I have contributed to heavily, The Official Ubuntu Book; (5th Ed coming very soon!). Both are aimed at being an introduction of Ubuntu to people new to Linux, but each covers the topic differently and in differing depth and each has information that the other does not.

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS released

(Abridged from the announcement on The Fridge)

The Ubuntu team is pleased to announce Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Long-Term Support). Codenamed “Lucid Lynx”, 10.04 LTS continues Ubuntu’s proud tradition of integrating the latest and greatest open source technologies into a high-quality, easy-to-use Linux distribution.

We are also pleased to announce Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Edition, which is not a long-term support release.

Read more about the features of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS in the following press releases:

Desktop and Netbook editions http://www.ubuntu.com/news/ubuntu-10.04-desktop-edition
Server edition http://www.ubuntu.com/news/ubuntu-10.04-server-edition

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS will be supported for three years on desktops and five years on servers. Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Edition will be supported for 18 months.

Thanks to the efforts of the global translation community, Ubuntu is available in 29 languages. For a list of supported languages and detailed translation statistics for these and other languages, see:

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is also the basis for new 10.04 releases of Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu, UbuntuStudio, and Mythbuntu:

Kubuntu http://kubuntu.org/news/10.04-lts-release
Xubuntu http://xubuntu.org/news/10.04-release
Edubuntu http://edubuntu.org/news/10.04-release
Mythbuntu http://mythbuntu.org/10.04/release
Ubuntu Studio https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/10.04release_notes

To Get Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

To download Ubuntu 10.04, or obtain CDs, visit:

Users of Ubuntu 9.10 will be offered an automatic upgrade to 10.04 LTS via Update Manager. For further information about upgrading, see:


Users of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS may wish to wait for 10.04.1 LTS, due in July 2010, before upgrading.

As always, upgrades to the latest version of Ubuntu are entirely free of charge.

We recommend that all users read the release notes, which document caveats and workarounds for known issues. They are available at:


Find out what’s new in this release with a graphical overview:


Ubuntu – refreshing the brand

For years people have complained about Ubuntu’s default color: brown. While I liked it, and while the last few releases have been more orange than brown, it was time for a new look. Jono Bacon has made an exciting announcement on his blog, with pictures, of the upcoming new look. I like it.

Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase

Have you heard about the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase?

The Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase is an opportunity to show off high quality free culture content in Ubuntu. At the heart of Ubuntu’s ethos is a belief in showcasing free software and free culture, and with each development cycle we open the opportunity for any Free Culture artist to put their work in front of millions of Ubuntu users around the world. Although the space restrictions are tight, and we are limited to how much content we can include, this is an excellent opportunity for artists everywhere.

You are invited to participate! The deadline for submissions is February 28th, 2010. If you are into Free Culture and want to participate, please check out the link and add your shiny, free content and you may find something you created included in Ubuntu.