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  1. Tobin

    Neither of the two authors are involved in the Ubuntu Community anymore though?

  2. matthew

    That’s not quite accurate. We are both involved in the Ubuntu community, just not in the same ways as we used to be. Fresh blood is always a good thing.

  3. Nugget

    He does have a point who are the authors of this book? Do either of you develop for Ubuntu?

  4. matthew

    Neither of us develop software for Ubuntu. Both of us have been involved in other areas of the community for many years. For example, I was among the leaders of the Ubuntu Forums for many years, providing free tech support to over a million registered users. I was a member of an Ubuntu membership council, working with developers and others in the community to consider candidates and approve their applications for Ubuntu membership. Most of the devs know us (Amber is married to one), we’ve been in some of the inner circle planning discussions at developer conferences, we have occasionally wielded the reins in certain projects. Lately, we have each taken a step back to allow others to lead, but we are still around.

    Also, Canonical owns the copyright on this book. They approved each of us personally based on our long-standing relationships and trust. We had direct access to devs and internal-only information during the writing of the book, information that was not made public until release time, long after our manuscript had to be turned over for copy editing.

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